Momogumi Plus Senki
Momogumi Plus Senki

Momogumi Plus Senki

Other Name: 桃組プラス戦記; 桃组plus战记; 모모환생전기; Cậu Bé Đào Tiên; Momo Gumi Plus Senki; Momotaro Team Plus Battle Strategy; Team Momotarou Plus Battle Strategy; The Ghost Conqueror

Status: Ongoing

Author: SAKONDOU Eri ,

Year of release: 2014

Plot Summary:

Yuuki Momozono, a transfer student to Aitan Private School, has an incredible power - He is actually the reincarnation of a Japanese hero, Momotaro. He must break the curse that was set upon him by 7 devils in his previous life, a curse that will bring misfortune to him and his friends, and kill him on his 18th birthday unless he kills the 7 devils before then. Three guardians with super powers and masks showed up to protect Yuuki, but how far can Yuuki live before his time is up?

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